The Art and Museum Studies core course and electives are designed to stimulate discussion and to provide first-hand experience of museum specializations. Students may emphasize academic study of art and museums or an area of professional museum work such as education or curatorship, but all members of the program will have some experience in both kinds of study. Most courses meet frequently at area museums. The sample courses listed here are for general information only; seminar topics vary from year to year.

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Georgetown Courses

  • Museum Studies Foundations
  • Museum Practice Workshop
  • Museum Education and Interpretation
  • Curatorial Practice
  • Early American Material Culture
  • Ideas of Realism
  • Modern Art in Asia
  • Russian Avant-Garde Art
  • Washington Art Collections

Sotheby’s Institute of Art Courses

  • Art and Business
  • Asian Art and its Markets
  • Decorative Art and Design
  • Contemporary Art