Student Exhibitions

2021 Senior Art Majors Exhibition

May 6, 2021 – May 23, 2021

2021 student exhibition in gallery
2021 Senior Art Majors Exhibition in the de la Cruz Gallery. Photo: Roberto Bocci.

The Department of Art and Art History and the Georgetown University Art Galleries are proud to present the remarkable work of ten students whose ideas and effort have flourished despite the adversity of the last year. Given limited availability of campus studios, these artists have had to extend their creativity to improvising work spaces at home and elsewhere. But you wouldn’t know that, to look at the ambition and ingenuity of their sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, and drawing.

While visitor access to the Maria & Alberto de la Cruz Art Gallery is necessarily very limited, we are delighted to be able to provide two viewing options: a virtual exhibition online, and a physical exhibition with bold signage and lighting that allow clear views from the windows at 1221 36th St. NW.

Featured artists:

Jahvon Blair | Daphne Blunt | Grace Bowman | Kate Gregory | Onrei Josh Padua Ladao |
Yulissa Lopez Lavias | Jamorko Pickett | Carmen Puig | Christina Shoucair | Amalia Stahl

2021 Illustrated Checklist

2021 Senior Art Majors Exhibition Catalog

2020 Senior Art Majors Exhibition

Senior art majors virtual exhibition
2020 Senior Art Majors Virtual Exhibition

The Georgetown Department of Art and Art History is honored and delighted to present the 2020 Senior Art Majors Exhibition. The show of work by our graduating students is a venerable tradition of the Department, which celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2017. While every annual exhibition is unique, this one is unlike all its predecessors at Georgetown in the most fundamental of ways: it is presented exclusively online rather than in our galleries. For reasons everyone understands and will never forget, it is impossible in Spring 2020 to install work and experience it together in shared space.

But this lost immediacy will be less memorable than the extraordinary work at the heart of the exhibition. Across a range of media and with fresh insight, the students probe elemental themes that resonate now more than ever around the globe: memory, identity, perception, race, beauty, journeys, waste, redemption, and more. Some of the work feels unsettling, while other pieces are more sly, haunting, or hopeful. Together they reflect the magnetic humanity of art in a time that has pulled us away from each other.  

In the absorbing work they have shared this Spring, these young artists signal futures we are very eager to see.

Al Acres
Department Chair

Wright Family Term Associate Professor in Art History
Department of Art and Art History

2020 Senior Art Majors Exhibition Catalog