Art & Museum Studies Faculty and Contacts

Lisa Strong

Director, Art and Museum Studies M.A Program; Associate Professor of the Practice, American Art.

Em Aufuldish

Program Coordinator and MA Candidate, Art and Museum Studies M.A Program

Participating Full-Time Faculty

Alfred Acres

Department Chair, Wright Family Term Associate Professor in Art History, Late Medieval and Renaissance Art

Ian Bourland 

Assistant Professor, Art History, Global Contemporary Art

Al Miner

Founding Director/Chief Curator of the Georgetown University Art Galleries, and Associate Professor, Art & Museum Studies

Elizabeth Prelinger

Keyser Family Professor of Art History, Modern Art

Michelle C Wang

Associate Professor, Art History, Asian Art

Participating Part-Time Faculty

Carma Fauntleroy
Adjunct Lecturer, Museum Administration

Jerry Foust
Adjunct Lecturer, Collections Management

Anne Kingery-Schwartz
Adjunct Lecturer, Conservation

Michael Lesperance
Adjunct Lecturer, Exhibition Planning

Jayme McLellan
Adjunct Lecturer, Curatorial Studies

Harriet E McNamee
Adjunct Lecturer, Museum Education

Darren Milligan
Adjunct Lecturer, Museums & New Media

Sotheby’s Institute of Art Faculty

Katherine Battista
Contemporary Art

Elisabeth Bogdan
Art and Business

Lis Darby
Fine and Decorative Arts

Konstanze Knittler
Arts and Art Markets of Asia