Professor Michelle Wang writes article for Hyperallergic: “The CDC’s Misappropriation of a Chinese Textile, and Why It Matters”

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The CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases journal featured a Chinese textile on the cover of its May 2020 issue and stated that the animals depicted in Chinese art are carriers of disease, including COVID-19.  In an opinion piece for the art magazine Hyperallergic, Professor Michelle Wang rebuts this characterization and argues that the misuse of this artwork distorts its original context and meaning, represents poor editorial practice, and contributes to xenophobia against Asian-Americans.

For the full article, visit Hyperallergic’s website at this link.

The image in question: Rank Badge with Leopard, Wave and Sun Motifs, China, Qing dynasty (1644–1911), late 18th century, silk and metallic thread, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 30.75.1025