Napolitano Digital Art Studio


The Thomas and Barbara Napolitano Digital Art Studio is a computer art classroom located in Walsh 290. The studio allows Art students to employ electronic media technologies as a means of artistic expression, and also provides a venue for the integration of traditional art forms with 21st century multimedia artistic practices. The Studio first opened for classes on January 12, 2000. You can learn more about the donors, Thomas and Barbara Napolitano, on the Alumni and Friends page. Please visit the Graphic Arts and Video Arts pages to see what you can make in the Lab.


The lab includes 14 student stations and one instructor’s station, each equipped with:

  • Power Mac G5 (2GB RAM, 400GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti, Super Drive)
  • Apple LED Cinema Display
  • Epson 9×12″ Flatbed scanner
  • Ethernet connection
  • Image editing software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter
  • Multimedia software: Final Cut, Adobe After Effects, Macromedia Director
  • Sound software: Sound Studio
  • Print Design software: Adobe InDesign

The instructor’s station is attached to a 35mm Nikon LS 2000 slide and negative scanner, as well as a video projector for class demonstrations. Also available are four digital cameras, three video cameras, and two tripods.

Lab Monitor Schedule

For a current schedule, or If you have any problems in the lab, or if a lab monitor does not not show up for a shift, please call or email L. Collier Hyams.


Equipment Use

Students enrolled in the Advanced Digital Art class are allowed to sign out and use the Napolitano Lab video cameras and tripods. All the equipment must be reserved in advanced and signed out on a dedicated sign-out form and book. Students or staff who don’t return equipment according to the sign-out schedule will lose their right to borrow the equipment and use the lab.

Faculty Access

Georgetown University faculty members with a specific interest in the field of computer graphics, multimedia and/or web design are welcome to use the lab during the faculty access lab hours. To work in the lab you will have to provide a short description of the project you are working on and present it to the Lab administrators or the Department chair.

External Access

Under particular circumstances the Napolitano Digital art lab may be used by other departments and/or external parties when classes are not in session. The daily lab use is rated at $1,000. This amount includes the use of the lab hardware and software and the supervision of a lab monitor. Additional fees will be applied if other software packages are required to run courses and/or workshops. Tutorial sessions by AMTH professors or instructors are not included in this price.


The Napolitano lab keys are given out to select individuals who maintain the lab or teach/work in it. This includes AMTH full time and part-time faculty, lab monitors and UIS staff. Lab monitos have to return their keys at the end of each semester.


For information about lab rental, faculty access, or general lab inquiries, please contact Roberto Bocci