Prof. Bocci exhibition of photography in Siena, Italy

Roberto Bocci, TwiLight Silhouette, Those Who Come and Those Who Leave, 2016, archival digital print

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Roberto Bocci is an associate professor of Digital Art and Photography in the Art and Art History Department. His show “TwiLight Silhouette, Those Who Come and Those Who Leave” has been exhibited in various galleries in Maryland and Virginia, and most recently in Siena, Italy where he was born and where the images were taken.

TwiLight Silhouette, Those Who Come and Those Who Leave” is a series shot over an interval of approximately 90 minutes before and after sunset. The images are loaded with metaphoric and symbolic meanings hovering between day and night, lightness and darkness, Being and non-Being. As daylight falls after sunset, “TwiLight Silhouette” portrays evening joggers running around the 16th-century Medici Fortress located in Siena, Italy (Bocci’s country and city of birth). With this series, he continues to experiment with single and composite images that explore ideas of time passage, space, simultaneity, the cyclical nature of existence as well as concerns about the sustainability of life on our planet.