Professor B.G. Muhn unveils first book – "Pyongyang Art: Uncovering the Complex Layers of Chosonhwa"

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bg muhn

As a visual artist, Professor BG Muhn has primarily used painting as his vehicle of expression, but he has also explored other media including etching, sculpture and photography.

Professor Muhn has developed an interest in the relatively unknown area of North Korean art, and has studied it extensively. Over the past seven years, he traveled to Pyongyang on several research trips, visiting prominent art museums and exhibitions and meeting with artists, art historians and staff to conduct interviews and gain insight into the culture of art within the country. He has delivered talks on North Korean art at academic and cultural venues including Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Harvard universities as well as the Water Mill Center for Robert Wilson in New York, and the Wilson Center in Washington, DC. Professor Muhn’s research on North Korean art culminated in the March 2018 publication of his book, Pyongyang Art: Uncovering the Complex Layers of Chosonhwa (Seoul Selection, 289 pages). Professor Muhn was recently selected to curate a North Korean art exhibition at the 2018 Gwangju Biennale in South Korea. In addition, he was appointed to the Maryland Arts Counsel by Governor Larry Hogan in October of 2017, and reappointed in March of 2018.