OBJECT OBJECT: Student show curated by Prof. Evan Reed on view in the Lucille M. & Richard F.X. Spagnuolo Art Gallery South

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OBJECT OBJECT — Curated by Prof. Evan Reed
January 30, 2020 – April 8, 2020
Lucille M. & Richard F.X. Spagnuolo Art Gallery South

From left to right; works by Yasmin Haddad, Alex Manoukian, Maria Strunjas, and Idalia Zavala-Meijia.

Object Object features the work of students enrolled in the fall 2019 courses Sculpture I and The Art of Furniture. These courses provide students with skills to express their creative ideas with tangible forms. Sculpture I invites students to investigate aesthetic and conceptual types of spatial art where the purpose of the work can range from formal design and personal narrative to social critique. The Art of Furniture challenges students to make forms that are unique and visually compelling but also serve utilitarian functions. Although functionality is a focus, many of the pieces made in The Art of Furniture have subtly infused ideas that blur the line between fine art and applied art.

Senior Haley Avery’s Transformable Wedge Cabinet 
From left to right; works by Oluseyi Osobamiro, Lionel Simm, Sidney Lee, and Yasmin Haddad.