2014 Dailey Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Dailey awards! These students have demonstrated excellence in their studies of the visual arts over the past year:

Art History Awards

Outstanding Short Paper: Neil Sood
Honorable Mention for a Major Research Paper: Claire Hines
Honorable Mention for a Major Research Paper: Jay Lee
Outstanding Major Research Paper: Nora Rosengarten

Studio Art Awards

Honorable Mention for a Senior Art Project: Mai Mack
Outstanding Senior Art Project, 2nd Prize: Rosemary Christian
Outstanding Senior Art Project, 1st Prize: Sophie Brenninkmeijer

Travel Awards

Art History: Michelle Yaw
Art: Jee Won Park

Excellence in Art & Psychology

Leona Pfeiffer

Winners are encouraged to connect with us and the Dailey family on Facebook at facebook.com/GUArts and facebook.com/MistyDaileyAwards! For a complete listing of all past winners, please click here to visit our informational page about the awards.

This year's cherry blossom logo was created by Design I student Loyda Sarmiento.